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We are a very very small, yet passionate team of GSD-ians with strong love and dedication for the breed. AboutGermanShepherdDog.com is the result of unswerving love for the breed and a little eagerness to do something good for the breed. Our team includes dog lover technologists, dog lover digital marketing specialists, German Shepherd behaviorists, Trainers, and so on... Everybody is contributing in his/her own way to making this site a great resource on GSD breed to help GSD people a better owners and trainers of their dogs.

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Alex Beatona said: Great - not only the information that this site provides, but also the team that works behind AboutGermanShepherdDog.com. The people who respond to querries via Facebook or emails are friendly and approachable. This site and the team deserves my strongest recommendation. I don't know who responds to our queries, because it always ends with "Best Regards, Team, AboutGermanShepherdDog.com", but these guys have helped me and my wife in understanding my dog, Roley much better than we could have without them. We wish the team all the very best in their noble endeavour.