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Stride Without Extremes : Article Contributed by by Linda J Shaw MBA I am not especially enthusiastic over the increase in rear angulation that has commandeered the breed in North America over the last fRead More...

Happy World Wildlife Day 2016 : A Message From AboutGermanShepherdDog.Com… Welcome friends. AboutGermanShepherdDog.Com wishes you all a Very Happy World Wildlife Day. On 20 December 2013, the United Nations GeRead More...

About German Shepherd Dog is one of the largest online resource for information of the GSD breed. About German Shepherd Dog is the result of unflagging love for the German shepherds. If you are looking for highly researched information on German Shepherds, About German Shepherd Dog brings forth all you need to know about the breed. This website is one of the largest online resource for information of the GSD breed. "About German Shepherd Dog" is the best resort for you if you are looking for well researched and highly acclaimed information about German Shepherd dogs. Read More...
Your German Shepherd puppy is like a splash of sunshine in your life! Get to know about German Shepherd breed - both German shepherd puppies and adults more deeply. You can become a better owner for your GSD puppy. It’s really an interesting world indeed! "About German Shepherd Dog" is the best and the last online resort for you if you are looking for well researched information & tips about German Shepherd puppies. Many of our readers have been benefitted by the information GSD puppy care tips here. Read More...
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Ultimate Information About German Shepherd Dog - A Complete GSD Database

All You Need To Know About German Shepherd Dogs & Puppies Just Purebred German Shepherds

A Complete GSD Database Just For a Hardcore GSD Dog Lover Like You!


Rex - German Shepherd Dog


"About German Shepherd Dog" is an online encyclopedia - a complete GSD database for the breed enthusiasts. This is the one stop resort to ultimate information this breed, and it's here where you can stop your hunt for your search of information on German Shepherds. Informative as well as entertaining both at the same time, this complete GSD database has been admired by the lovers of the breed across the globe.


Indestructible Dog Ball

Our aim is to offer genuine information for the new as well as existing GSD owners who have been scrambling across the web to get reliable information about how to raise, train and maintain Purebred German Shepherd Puppies. The entire range of information that you can find here are highly researched work of dedicated breed specialists, who have come down from different professional arenas like vets, breeders, trainers, behaviorists, nutritionists with decades of experience. It's been a long journey since we started planning to make our presence online with the wide range of resource on German Shepherd Dog breed that we have gathered by staying in close relation not only with this breed, but also with a string of GSD experts, including reputable breeders, vets, behaviorists and enthusiasts for many years.


"About German Shepherd Dog" is the result of exuberant dedication of a group of GSD people towards creating an extensive informative source - a complete GSD database for you and all purebred German Shepherd owners. The key to our success has been a relentless pursuit of perfectionism while taking care of our dogs, thereby learning more about them. We understand that this is a breed that you love to have as your family members. We thank all who have encouraged us to materialize our dream to reach out to the global mob of the breed enthusiasts with a wide assortment of beneficial know how. Heartfelt gratitude is due to our families & friends for their incredible support.


The range of information that you can find here are genuine & voluminous, and have been built by a team of breed experts. Some are contributed by our users, which could be found in the box "Featured Articles".


Get genuine information from our database about the breed and become a better owner of your GSD! Let us help you understand your German Shepherds better now.



'About German Shepherd Dog' is the largest online resource for information on German Shepherd Dogs.
Know your German Shepherd better now than ever before!
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