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"About German Shepherd Dog" is a complete GSD database for the breed enthusiasts. A one stop resort to GSD guide, it's here where you can stop your hunt for information on German Shepherds. Informative & entertaining both simultaneously, this complete GSD database is admired by the breed lovers world wide. Aiming to offer genuine info by creating a strong German Shepherd information guide for the owners who are constantly looking for puppy guide, training tips, feeding tips, exercise techniques, this breed info book has curved a unique niche in the Internet. Information here is the work of dedicated GSD specialists - vets, breeders, trainers, owners, behaviorists, nutritionists etc. We guide you to become a perfect leader & master of your purebred German Shepherd puppies and adults.

We understand that this is a breed that you love to have as your family members. We thank all who have encouraged us to materialize our dream to reach out to the global mob of GSD enthusiasts with a wide assortment of beneficial info. Heartfelt gratitude is due to our families & friends for their incredible support.

"Looking for a couch potato? This is not the breed for you! The German Shepherd is a working dog bustling with energy, and loves to remain busy all times. He needs a good amount of exercise - both mental and physical. Outdoor games and physical activities stimulate them and prevent them from doing mischief." - AboutGermanShepherdDog.Com


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